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Independent Police Review Director

Welcome to the OIPRD website. As the Independent Police Review Director, my goal is to provide effective oversight of public complaints, promote accountability of police services across Ontario and increase public confidence in the complaints system.

For the law-abiding citizen, negative contact with the police, whether real or perceived, can have a profound impact on their confidence and their trust in the police service as a whole. That’s why oversight of police and especially civilian oversight of police is so important to society. It helps assure the public that investigations of police misconduct are conducted thoroughly and fairly. It can discourage misconduct among police officers and improve the policies and services provided by policing organizations. It can also help improve the public’s understanding of police work.

My office works cooperatively with both complainants and police to investigate and resolve complaints. My role, and my organization’s role, is not to get the police or to side with the police. It’s not to advocate for, or represent the public. Instead it is to be neutral and unbiased – fair to police; fair to the public.

I am committed to ensuring constant improvement in the public complaints process to make certain we continue to build public confidence and trust in the public complaints system. I am also committed to providing publicly accessible information about the public complaints system.

This website has been designed to provide easy access to information about the public complaints process. I hope you will find it informative and helpful. To send us your comments and feedback, please visit our Contact Us page.


Gerry McNeilly
Independent Police Review Director​​