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OIPRD Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2013-2016

Diversity Inclusion Strategic Plan 2013-2016  

The OIPRD Diversity and Inclusion Plan is a living document and a guide the OIPRD will use over the next three years to further build diversity and inclusion into all aspects of its business. The plan reflects our recognition of the degree of diversity within the province and underlines our commitment to achieving our goals while fully incorporating the value in diversity. The OIPRD Diversity and Inclusion Plan aligns with the priorities identified by the Ministry of the Attorney General and the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer, Agencies in support of the diversity and inclusion goals of the Ontario Public Service.

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OIPRD Diversity and Inclusion Vision

The OIPRD will make Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Engagement a transformational practice within the agency and an integral part of all processes that the OIPRD undertakes.

OIPRD Diversity and Inclusion Mandate

The OIPRD diversity and inclusion mandate is to help ensure the OIPRD is an employer of choice by creating a work culture that values and supports diverse outlooks and the contributions of all OIPRD staff in delivering the services of the organization.

The Communications and Outreach unit has been made responsible for the policies and procedures that further embed and implement Diversity and Inclusion in a way that reflects and supports the core values of the OIPRD.


The OIPRD Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Engagement (DIEE) Committee was established in 2010 and participates in the planning and organization of diversity and inclusion initiatives within the OIPRD. It provides ongoing advice to senior management on diversity and inclusion-related initiatives and acts as a conduit between senior management, the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer – Agencies, the OPS Diversity Office and OIPRD employees.

OIPRD Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Goals

The OIPRD’s diversity, inclusion and accessibility goals are aligned with MAG’s goals and the OPS corporate vision.

  • embed diversity and inclusion objectives in OIPRD policies, processes and services in order to deliver the best customer services possible
  • build a safe and healthy working environment that embraces different perspectives, beliefs, personalities and cultures and ensures the workplace is free of discrimination and harassment
  • reflect the diverse population that the organization serves
  • leverage the diversity of the OIPRD staff to deliver the OIPRD’s services
  • respond to the needs of a diverse culture

Commitments: People, Processes, Services and Results

The OIPRD demonstrates its commitments to these values by publicly posting its diversity and inclusion strategic plan on the organization’s website and including statements about diversity, inclusion and accessibility in our annual reports.

The OIPRD endeavours to be responsive to, and inclusive of, the diversity and inclusion through our people, processes and services with measurable results.


Through its hiring and people practices, the OIPRD endeavours to ensure that our staff reflects the population of Ontario. The organization is committed to equipping staff with the tools they need to conduct respectful relationships with customers and stakeholders and to work with the expectation that they will also be treated with dignity and respect within the organization. The OIPRD is committed to ensuring that all employees have the necessary skills and competencies to understand and stay abreast of the plurality of the province in order to ensure effective work of the organization.

The OIPRD executives and managers are responsible for the implementation and management of the diversity and inclusion plan within their areas of responsibility. Leaders are committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment where all staff can meet their full potential.

OIPRD employees share the accountability and responsibility to uphold organizational values and achieve organizational goals in a mutually respectful work environment where all staff can meet their full potential.

The DIEE Committee works to create opportunities for awareness and implements initiatives and activities to broaden knowledge and awareness of diversity and inclusion matters. The DIEE Committee works with DI and EE program leads to support and deliver on program objectives and toward the alignment of initiatives and activities with OIPRD, MAG and OPS DIEE mandates.


The OIPRD continuously examines its processes, policies and practices to identify and eliminate barriers in order to foster a healthy and safe workplace environment that promotes fairness and equitable access for employees and the public. The OIPRD uses the OPS Inclusion Lens to help identify potential or existing barriers when developing policies, programs and services. A part of this commitment also means identifying and mitigating any barriers that exist within the organization.

The OIPRD is committed to assessing all existing policies, programs, guidelines and practices to ensure they are in keeping with the principles of diversity and inclusion. Where necessary, the OIPRD will adapt programs and services to respond to the identified needs, challenges and issues of customers and stakeholders. The OIPRD is committed to ensuring public communications are prepared with the principles of diversity and inclusion in mind.

The OIPRD has determined its Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) compliance requirements and will ensure appropriate compliance.

The OIPRD will post its accessibility policies and plan publicly by January 1, 2014 and provide them in accessible formats on request from members of the public. Currently, Outreach and Education materials are provided in accessible formats on request.

OIPRD staff adhere to the OPS Corporate Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Policy and are aware of their rights, roles and responsibilities under the policy. The OIPRD also has an internal Code of Conduct policy accessible to all staff in the organization. Staff are encouraged to go over the policy thoroughly and seek clarification, if necessary.


The OIPRD is committed to fostering its services are inclusive, fair and responsive and that they accommodate the diversity of values, norms and challenges of the communities and stakeholders to whom they are provided.

The OIPRD works to ensure that all public and internal documents are produced in clear, plain and inclusive language.

The OIPRD will ensure that all feedback mechanisms for receiving and responding to public input on its services are accessible.

Services-related initiatives have included:

  • outreach activities to marginalised populations
  • online complaints process feedback form


The OIPRD measures its performance through accessible methods including a public online survey about the complaints process; administering smaller scale surveys to target groups (e.g., users of the customer service resolution and mediation programs), and soliciting feedback from the public through conversations. The organization analyses the data which is disseminated to the OIPRD Executive Management Committee for continuous improvement. Learning opportunities that are pursued are recorded for future planning.

The OIPRD is committed to establishing an evaluation process to measure the impacts of the organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives with the aim of achieving the best possible long-term outcomes.

Click to download OIPRD's Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2013-2016