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OIRPD has a mandate to educate stakeholders and the general public about the public complaints system. We consider outreach and education very important to the success of the OIPRD. It provides an opportunity for us to make sure communities and police understand the importance of police oversight and how the complaints process works.
Our outreach and education advisors give informational presentations, workshops and seminars to community organizations and police groups to help them to better understand the public complaints system. Advisors do not advocate for the community, the government or the police. Their role, like the OIPRD's, remains neutral.
Police and police services boards have obligations they must meet in the public complaints process. The OIRPD provides training sessions to ensure they understand and are meeting these obligations. Outreach and education can also provide the chance to bring the police and community together to discuss policing in Ontario and community police relations.

Director's Resource Committees

Our Director’s Resource Committees (DRCs) are set up in seven regions throughout Ontario. The community and police members of these committees have played an integral role in creating networks for outreach and education activities to raise awareness of the organization’s mandate and the public complaints system during the initial start-up and foundation-building phases of the OIPRD’s operation.
Committee representatives provide feedback to the Director on OIPRD education and outreach activities. The Director's Resource Committees give the OIPRD the opportunity to have a presence in each region of Ontario and that has helped us build goodwill and relationships within communities.

Director's Resource Committees are made up of between five and 10 members, appointed by the Director.