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Make a Complaint

Ways to make a complaint

There are several ways to file your complaint with the OIPRD. People can file a formal complaint with the OIPRD or, if the complaint is minor, it can be dealt with as a local complaint at the police station.

A complainant can go into a police station and simply have a conversation to clear up a question or complaint. These conversations do not have to be filed with the OIPRD. Local Resolution allows the police to solve, explain, clear up or settle a matter considered to be "less serious" directly with the complainant. The complaint must be dealt with in person at a police station or detachment by an officer in authority designated by the chief of police within 30 days of the incident. Find out more about Local Resolution.
You can file a formal complaint directly with the OIPRD online using the e-filing function. Our online complaint form is secure. To use the online form, you must have time to complete the form and submit it in one session. When a complaint is filed online, the complainant will immediately receive a complaint reference number.

If you do not wish to file online, you can complete a fillable complaint form or download a complaint brochure. Once the form is printed, completed and signed, it may be filed by fax, mail, scanned to PDF and emailed or submitted in person. You can request a hard copy of the form at and we will send you a form by mail.
When a complaint is filed by fax, mail, scanned and emailed or submitted to a police service, the OIPRD sends the complainant a letter of acknowledgement, which includes a complaint reference number. ​

Complaints can also be filed at any municipal, regional or provincial police station in Ontario. Any police service will accept the complaint - complainants do not have to hand in their complaint to the service they are complaining about. The police service accepting the complaint must forward it to the OIPRD within three business days. The complaint is forwarded using the secure document exchange system.
What should you include in your complaint?
As well as your full contact details and your date of birth, please try to provide the following information:
Who? Which police service and/or police officer(s) is your complaint about?
Where? Where in Ontario did the incident(s) happen?
When? What date(s) and time(s) did the incident(s) take place?
What? Please describe what happened.
If you would like assistance when filling out the complaint form:
    • Many local community organizations may offer assistance with your complaint and often provide translation services
    • You do not need a lawyer to file your complaint, but a lawyer or legal clinic may provide advice and assistance with your complaint 
Consent to proceed

The OIPRD needs your consent before we can look into your complaint. In order for us to process your complaint, you must sign the complaint form or, if filing online, select "yes" for signature in the declaration section. If you do not sign the complaint form, we are unable to record and proceed with your complaint.