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​SCREENING complaintS

When a complaint is received, our intake staff ensures the form is complete, signed and contains all the necessary information. In cases where additional information is required the OIPRD will contact the complainant. If we are not able to get the information required, the complaint cannot move forward.
Our intake staff reads the complaint to make certain it meets the requirements of a complaint under the Police Services Act. If the complaint meets the requirements, case coordinators assess it to determine its type – policy, service or conduct complaint.

Click to see an Overview of the OIPRD Conduct Complaints Process​.
The OIPRD reviews complaints at a very early stage to determine whether they may be suitable for Customer Service Resolution. If so, the complainant, the affected police service and the respondent officer are contacted about resolving the complaint. Read more about
Case coordinators review all complaints and determine whether they should be screened in for investigation or screened out. The OIPRD has the legislative discretion to screen out complaints for a variety of reasons including:
    • complaint is better dealt with under another act or law
    • complaint is frivolous – trivial or lacks an air of reality
    • complaint is not in the public interest
    • complaint was made over six months after the incident

How will you be kept informed?

If you make your complaint against the police to the OIPRD, we are required to forward the details of your complaint to the affected police service. In most cases, this will be a professional standards department or police liaison officer of the relevant police department. If another police service is investigating the complaint, they will also receive your complaint information.

Whether the OIPRD or the police service is investigating your complaint, we maintain oversight. You also have the right to periodic updates. You will be told how your complaint will be dealt with, what action may be taken and how decisions will be made. The OIPRD will provide you with updates by mail, email or using our secure website.
Please note that our office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Information received will only be read and responded to during these hours (not including any holidays). If you make a submission after office hours, it will be processed on the next day our office is open.

The Internet has no common management and control, so any information sent by email is not secure. As most emails pass over the Internet, it is possible that your email could be seen by people outside of the OIPRD.