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oiprd powers

Powers of Direction

Section 72(1) of the Police Services Act gives the Independent Police Review Director the power to direct all complaints, whether or not the matter is of a serious nature, from any time after referral and before a hearing has commenced. The Director can take, or require to be taken, any action that he considers necessary.
Under the PSA, the Director can also order a hearing into a complaint and assign the conduct of a hearing about a chief or deputy chief to the OCPC.

Search and Seizure

The OIPRD has the authority to:
  • search police premises and vehicles with or without a warrant
  • search other places with a warrant
  • summons persons or things under the Public Inquiries Act


The following new offences were created under the Independent Police Review Act, 2007:
  • harassment, coercion or intimidation in relation to a complaint
  • intentionally hindering or obstructing or providing false information to the Independent Police Review Director or an investigator
  • attempts to do any of the acts
No prosecution of these offences can be carried out without the consent of the Attorney General of Ontario.

Systemic Reviews

The OIPRD may conduct investigations into systemic issues arising from public complaints and will work to identify and offer solutions to systemic or ongoing issues within a police service.

Police Service Performance Audits

To ensure that police policies and services are meeting the needs of the public they serve, the OIPRD may require a police services board to submit a performance audit. A performance audit is an audit of how a police service is dealing with public complaints.