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request a review

If a complainant disagrees with an investigation by the police where the complaint is found to be unsubstantiated or less serious, the complainant may ask the OIPRD to review the decision. A complainant has 30 days from the day they were notified of the result of their complaint to request a review.

How can I request a review?

If you decide you would like to request an OIPRD review of your conduct complaint, you need to complete a Request for Review form.
You can get a copy of the form in a number of ways:
Your Request for Review must be submitted on the OIPRD form and must state your reasons for requesting a review, specify the outcome you would like, and include any evidence that supports your request. Please remember to include your complaint number and sign the form.

How will the OIPRD handle my review?

Once your completed review form has been received, the OIPRD will send you a letter to tell you we received your request.
The OIPRD will also contact the police to tell them you have requested a review and give them a copy of the form. We will ask the police to send us all the information they have on your complaint. Once we have received your file from the police, a review panel is created to evaluate the entire investigative file.
If, upon review, the OIPRD agrees with the chief's or OPP Commissioner’s decision, the complainant is advised, in writing, as to why that decision was made. The OIPRD’s decision regarding the review is final. If the OIPRD agrees with the complainant, the OIPRD instructs the chief or Commissioner on how to deal with the complaint.
You may not appeal a classification or investigation by the OIPRD.

What if I need more assistance?

If you would like assistance with requesting a review, you can contact an organization that offers help. Many community organizations and legal clinics can offer assistance with your complaint. Please visit our Useful Links page for a list of clinics and community groups in your area.