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Complaints Made at a Police Station

Complainants can file a complaint at any police station in Ontario.
All police services must ensure that complaint forms and OIPRD brochures are displayed and available to the general public.
Where a complaint is received at a police station, the police service must forward the completed complaint form to the OIPRD electronically or by fax within three business days, with the original to follow by mail or courier.
The officer receiving the complaint will process it in confidence and will not release information that would cause the respondent or witness officers to receive notification of the complaint.
Where a complaint has been received at a police station, and after reviewing complaint, the chief of police or designate feels that s/he may be able to resolve the matter through an appropriate Local Resolution, they may do so with the consent of the complainant, chief of police and respondent officer.
Complaints against chiefs and deputy chiefs cannot be resolved through Local Resolution.