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Information for involved Officers

When you have been identified in a formal complaint, you will be notified by the chief of police promptly unless the Director or chief of police believes to do so would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. In this case you will be notified when the Director or chief deems appropriate.

Liaison Officers

Your service has a designated liaison officer who acts as the primary contact with the OIPRD. Since each police service is different in size and structure, you should be guided by your service policies when contacting or interacting with the OIPRD.

The following timelines are in place regarding the complaints process:
  • notification to respondent and officers: promptly after receipt from the OIPRD unless directed otherwise
  • updates from service during investigation: 45 days
  • investigation to be completed: 120 days (unless extension granted)
  • review requests from complainants: 30 days
  • review completion: 30 days where possible 
For more clarification, please refer to the Rules & Regulations (PDF)

Respondent and Witness Officers

Respondent officers will be provided with the substance of the complaint made against them. In most cases this will be a copy of the complaint including the name of the complainant but without personal information of the complainant or witnesses. Officers will be required to respond to the complaint in full in the manner determined by the investigator. Where the investigation is being conducted by the OIPRD the investigator will provide the liaison officer with a letter outlining what is required from the officers. The liaison officer may direct officers to respond in a specified manner within 21 days. There may be times where officers will be required to attend for an interview.
Officers will have the opportunity to consult with an agent or representative prior to responding to complaints, provided it does not unduly delay the investigation. In addition, where an interview has been scheduled, officers will be entitled to have a representative present during the interview.