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The OIPRD wants the public complaints system to be an open and clear process. In order to provide transparency, we publish reports and statistics about how our office operates.

Annual Reports:

The OIPRD will post on our website and publish an annual report for every year of operation.




2012 - 2013

2012 - 2013 (accessible version)

Systemic Reviews and Audits:

The OIPRD will perform systemic reviews and audits of the public complaints system to ensure the process
is working for everyone. The Director will determine when a review or audit is required. All reports will be available on our website.

G20 Systemic Review Report

G20 Systemic Review Report (printable version)

OIPRD Service Standards:

The OIPRD has a number of service standards that we make every effort to meet, in order to provide efficient and effective service.

The OIPRD has a mandate to provide fair, transparent, effective and efficient administration of the public complaints process. On occasion you may feel we have not done our best to serve you.

If you have a complaint about someone who works for the OIPRD, please click here. You may also write or fax a letter to:

The Independent Police Review Director
655 Bay Street, 10th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2T4