Withdraw a Complaint

If you have made a complaint with the OIPRD but no longer wish to continue with it, you may withdraw it, as long as a hearing has not begun.

Withdrawing a Complaint Prior to a Disciplinary Hearing

To withdraw a complaint prior to a hearing, you must give written notice to the OIPRD, including reasons for the withdrawal, using the complaint withdrawal form. When the form has been received, the OIPRD will accept the withdrawal and notify the concerned police chief, OPP Commissioner, police services board or the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, as required by the Police Services Act.

The police service in question has the authority to continue with an internal investigation; however, in this case the complainant is not entitled to receive any information regarding the status or outcome of that investigation.

Withdrawing a Complaint During or After a Disciplinary Hearing

If you want to withdraw a complaint after a disciplinary hearing regarding the complaint has begun, you will need consent to withdraw from the OIPRD, the police chief, in the case of a complaint about the conduct of a police officer other than a police chief or a deputy chief. In the case of a complaint about the conduct of a municipal or regional police chief or deputy chief, you will need the consent of the police services board.

The OIPRD will determine whether consent to the request to withdraw will be given.

The OIPRD will advise the police chief or the police services board of its decision.

Use the withdrawal form if you have made a complaint but no longer wish to continue with it. Please include your complaint number on the form and sign it.