Director’s Message 2024

Director’s Message (January 2024) – Today, the Director of the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) is pleased to announce a significant update on the Broken Trust recommendations. Since our last meeting in August 2023 with the Chief of Police, senior officers of the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS), and the Thunder Bay Police Services Board (TBPSB), there has been proactive collaboration toward addressing the recommendations. A key development is the full implementation of the new Missing Persons Policy, subject to public consultation. This is particularly important because the events leading to Broken Trust centered around missing vulnerable individuals, a significant factor in the community’s lack of trust in the police service. The alignment of the new Missing Persons Policy with long-standing community concerns, its incorporation of current best practices in policing, and the forthcoming review by the community through a public consultation process could mark a significant turning point in restoring community trust, especially with the First Nations and Indigenous communities.

This journey has been lengthy and has required significant commitment and dedication. The extensive collaboration we are seeing today is a testament to the commitment of Chief Fleury, senior officers, and the TBPS board in finally implementing key Broken Trust recommendations. The progress made goes beyond procedural changes; it represents a fundamental shift towards a unified effort by both the TBPS and TBPSB to rebuild community trust in Thunder Bay. I commend the TBPS and TBPSB for their extensive efforts and new found dedication to addressing the Broken Trust recommendations and rebuilding community trust, which takes time and sustained effort.

StatusTotal – April 2023Total – June 2023Total – January 2024
ONGOING29 (65.91%)29 (65.91%)18 (40.00 %)
FULLY IMPLEMENTED15 (34.09%)15 (34.09%)26 (60.00%)