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New Public Oversight Body Opens

10/19/2009, by: OIPRD Admin

Public complaint about the police can be filed October 19, 2009

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) officially opened its doors to the public today, bringing in new, stronger civilian oversight in Ontario.

The OIPRD was created in response to a report by the Honourable Patrick LeSage, recommending a new independent body to administer public complaints about the police in Ontario.

The OIPRD is an independent agency of the Ministry of the Attorney General responsible for receiving and dealing with all public complaints about the police in Ontario. The OIPRD’s goal is to provide independent, accessible and effective oversight of complaints that will build confidence and trust in the public complaints process.


“My team and I have worked hard over the past year to reach this point. In cooperation with the community and the police, we’ve developed the framework for a transparent and accountable system that will help enhance the positive relationship between the police and the community.”
—Gerry McNeilly, Independent Police Review Director

“I’m pleased that Ontario now has a complaints system that has the confidence and respect of both the public and the police. Civilian oversight contributes to public safety and is consistent with our government’s commitment to stronger, safer and more prosperous communities.”
—Chris Bentley, Attorney General

Quick Facts

  • The OIPRD can accept a complaint about any incident that occurred on October 19, 2009 or after.
  • Public complaints can be about any provincial, regional or municipal police officer in Ontario.
  • A complaint may be about the policies or services of a police department, or about the conduct of a specific officer.