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New Rule of Procedure for Consolidation of Complaints

03/17/2022, by: OIPRD Admin

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) has a new Rule of Procedure for consolidation of complaints, effective March 17, 2022. Consolidation Rule 6A will lead to a more efficient oversight process by streamlining procedures, avoiding duplications and coordinating investigations on the same issue. Please see below Consolidation Rule 6A.


6.A.1 The Director may consolidate two or more complaints if, in his or her opinion, it is appropriate to do so.

6.A.2 When a public complainant files two or more complaints that concern the same incident, the Director may combine the complaints and deal with them as one complaint. This administrative consolidation results in one primary complaint moving forward while the other complaints are closed. A subsequent investigation would produce one report or response.

6.A.3 Where multiple complainants file a complaint about the same incident and raises similar issues, the Director may combine the complaints and cause one investigation or response to be conducted. Unlike an administrative consolidation, this type of consolidation will not result in complaints being closed. All consolidated complaints will move forward; however, the Director will only require one investigative report or response to be prepared. Each complainant will receive a copy of the investigative report or response.

6.A.4 The decision to consolidate complaints would not interfere with the ability of complainants to exercise their rights under the Act.