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Notifications Update on Knock and Announce Rule (Dynamic Entries)

08/17/2023, by: OIPRD Admin

TORONTO – On November 18, 2022, the Director issued a Notification Letter to all Ontario police services outlining how they could prevent further public complaints about dynamic entries, and enhance public trust by reviewing and updating their related policies and procedures. This letter and responses from Ontario police services are available on the OIPRD’s website at:

In response to the Director’s Notification Letter, the Toronto Police Service collaborated with OIPRD staff in a comprehensive review of their related policies and procedures, which resulted in Procedure 02-18 “Executing a Search Warrant” available on the Toronto Police Service’s external website as well as the OIPRD’s website at:

The Toronto Police Service’s new procedures for executing warrants reflects current best policing practice and the Director has requested all Ontario police services update their own procedures in accordance with their specific context and operational needs.

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