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OIPRD Releases G20 Systemic Review Report

05/12/2012, by: OIPRD Admin

Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) today released its G20 Systemic Review Report providing an in-depth analysis of issues surrounding public complaints against police during the G20 summit in Toronto in June 2010.

“The events that took place over the course of the G20 weekend resulted in the largest mass arrests in Canadian history and had a profound impact not only on the citizens of Toronto and Canada generally, but on public confidence in the police as well. This report provides a comprehensive and balanced account of events surrounding the G20. It is my hope that the recommendations I have made provide a map to improve the interaction between the public and the police during future protests and to strengthen confidence and trust in police and policing.”
– Gerry McNeilly, Independent Police Review Director

The 300-page report examines the planning and execution of the security operation at the G20. The report covers incidents where large-scale protests and interactions or clashes with police occurred, with timelines and analyses of the issues at Queen’s Park, The Esplanade, the Graduate Students’ Union at the University of Toronto and Queen and Spadina, as well as the stops and searches that occurred. The report also examines the planning and operation of the Prisoner Processing Centre.

The Independent Police Review Director found that while the vast majority of police officers carried out their duties in a professional manner, some police officers ordered or made arrests without reasonable grounds, used excessive force, overstepped their authority when they stopped and searched people without legal justification, and failed to take adequate steps to address problems at the Prisoner Processing Centre.