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OIPRD Welcomes Proposed Legislation to Strengthen Complaint System

11/02/2017, by: OIPRD Admin

TORONTO – The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) welcomes proposed legislation that would, if passed, strengthen the police complaints system.

“I supported the recommendations in Justice Tulloch’s Independent Police Oversight Review and I welcome the proposed Safer Ontario Act, 2017. Members of the public have told Justice Tulloch and they have told me that they do not have confidence in a system where police services investigate themselves. This legislation would, if passed, make my office the sole body to investigate public complaints of police misconduct. It would expand our mandate to First Nations Police and special constables, and allow me to initiate investigations in the public interest without a public complaint.

“I support increased openness and transparency in the police complaints system, and with the proper resources I am committed to implementing the proposed legislation to ensure public confidence in civilian oversight of police.”
– Gerry McNeilly, Independent Police Review Director