The OIPRD offers several ways to resolve complaints involving less serious allegations of misconduct.

Early Resolution

Customer Service Resolution is a way for the complainant and respondent officer to resolve a less serious complaint before it has been formally screened under the Police Services Act.

Informal Resolution

Informal Resolution is a way that less serious allegations of misconduct may be resolved during the OIPRD complaint process. It may be undertaken at any stage of an investigation or at the conclusion of an investigation where a complaint is substantiated as less serious.

The Informal Resolution process may be facilitated by a senior officer designated by the police chief or OPP Commissioner.

Resolution via Mediation

If Informal Resolution facilitated by a senior police officer is unsuccessful, or if the complainant or respondent officer makes a request, mediation may be an option. A mediator, assigned by the OIPRD, will work with the complainant and the respondent officer to resolve the complaint.

Benefits of Mediation and Resolution

Successful resolutions can be powerful learning opportunities that can have lasting positive effects on both complainants and respondent officers.

Complainants may:

  • Have an opportunity to express how an officer’s conduct affected them and take part in the outcome of their complaint
  • Receive an explanation or an acknowledgement from the officer
  • Gain a better understanding of policing

Police officers may:

  • Have an opportunity to explain their actions
  • Gain a better understanding of their interactions with citizens
  • Learn from their behaviour

Benefits for the public and police oversight agencies:

  • Greater individual accountability
  • More efficient use of resources in the complaint process

Greater public satisfaction with the complaints system