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OIPRD Welcomes Recommendations to Improve Complaint System

04/06/2017, by: OIPRD Admin

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) welcomes recommendations for changes to the police complaints system that will increase public confidence and make the system more effective, transparent and accountable.

“I support the recommendations in Justice Tulloch’s report.These recommendations will make the complaint system stronger and enhance public confidence, such as providing for more independent complaint investigations and putting the disciplinary process in the hands of an independent adjudicative body. I thank Justice Tulloch and his team for their work on this report and the members of the public who contributed to it through consultations. The recommendations for the OIPRD in the report would, if implemented and properly resourced, increase the transparency and accountability of the complaints system.”
– Gerry McNeilly, Independent Police Review Director

Recommendations from the Independent Police Oversight Review Report that impact the OIPRD include:

  • Creating separate legislation for police oversight
  • Making the OIPRD the sole investigating body for public complaints – no longer would police investigate themselves as part of the public complaints process
  • Significantly enhancing resources of the OIPRD to enable it to carry out additional duties
  • Making the OIPRD the sole decision maker for disciplinary charges that would be laid in a public complaint
  • Transferring the disciplinary hearing process from police chiefs to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission and adding an independent government public complaints prosecutor
  • Extending jurisdiction to special constables, auxiliary police officers and to First Nations police services that choose to opt in
  • Expanding OIPRD authority to conduct investigations without a public complaint